Strong Words

We help liberal brands take a stand

Strong Words

It’s time for your brand to take a stand

How The Copy Bear Helps You Make A Difference

You have a product or service that you just know can make a difference to the world. It might make a big difference, such as offering a solution to climate heating. Or it could just make peoples’ lives slightly better by offering an easy way to access sustainable investing.

Whatever it is, it will make the earth a better place, even if only incrementally. This mission to contribute positively drives you. Money is important too, of course, but making a positive impact on the world is vital.


You want to fight the bigotry and ignorance of the right-wing, whether that be the truth-free world of Trump and Brexit or the lazy complacency of ultra conservatives who don’t care what happens to the rest of the world as long as they’re comfortable and happy.


You want your brand to take a stand – you want to make a noise. You want this noise to attract your tribe, the people who will buy into what you’re trying to do. Who will act as evangelists for you.


And that’s where The Copy Bear comes in. With our content we help you engage with your customers, building trust and developing your brand. As well as establishing your liberal credentials, we help you help your customers and potential customers.

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